Thursday, February 24, 2022

Adobe PDF Script Calculate Age

 This is the script to calculate age in Adobe Acrobat Pro.  

This works but throws a internal error.


// Calculate Age 

// Ref:

console.println("Calc Age Started");

var dobValue = getField("DOB").value;

if (dobValue!="") {

var dob = util.scand("mm/dd/yyyy", dobValue);

var today = new Date();

// compute years on full year only

var AgeCalulated = today.getFullYear() - dob.getFullYear();

// adjust for months before month of birth

if (today.getMonth() < dob.getMonth()) AgeCalulated = AgeCalulated - 1;

// adjust for today's month equal to dob's month and today's date before the date of birth

if ((today.getMonth() == dob.getMonth()) && (today.getDate() < dob.getDate())) AgeCalulated -= 1;

//event.value = AgeCalulated;

    console.println("Calc Age Proceess Start");


    console.println("Calc Age Proceess Finished");


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