Monday, November 15, 2021

Technology Management Role


These are most of the tasks that are performed for technology management in a business

  1. Manage system recovery
  2. Reduce technology friction
  3. Provide technology guidance
  4. Measure technology systems performance and processes
  5. Manage technology uptime and availability
  6. Manage technical risk, compliance, controls, and process
  7. Manage data protection and lifecycle
  8. Manage technology costs and budget
  9. Manage technology security 
  10. Manage user and system access
  11. Manage user experience
  12. Manage technology training programs
  13. Manage technical issues and problems
  14. Manage technology adoption
  15. Manage email, websites, and social media systems
  16. Manage technology vendors, suppliers, and partners
  17. Manage cloud resources
  18. Manage software and applications
  19. Manage servers, workstations, laptops, and all technology assets
  20. Manage networking systems LAN, WAN and Wireless
  21. Manage technology hardware lifecycle
  22. Manage business phone and fax systems
  23. Manage mobile phones and devices