Saturday, July 27, 2019

Fragile VS. Brittle

Fragile VS. Brittle

In technology what is the difference?

I asked Chat GPT this.

What is the difference between a brittle and fragile system?

A brittle system is one that is likely to fail suddenly and completely when subjected to unexpected stress or changes. This type of system is characterized by a lack of resilience and a lack of ability to adapt to new circumstances.

A fragile system, on the other hand, is one that is vulnerable to damage or failure, but is not necessarily brittle. A fragile system may be able to withstand some level of stress or change before breaking down, and may be able to recover from failure or damage to some extent.

In general, brittle systems are considered to be more dangerous than fragile systems, as they are more likely to fail without warning and without any opportunity to take corrective action. Fragile systems, while still vulnerable, may be more resilient and able to adapt to changing conditions.

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